Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally stitching again

I have done some mending/sewing around the house the past few weekends, and sorted my stitching...why is it that sometimes it is more fun to sort and organize that actually stitch? Of course, once I get it all in one place instead of two places in our bedroom and in the den by my chair. But anyway, I got some work in on my Australian cattle dog piece. I had hoped to have this done before we had Jess put down...but maybe by putting it off, she'd be okay. Yeah, so I'm a dreamer ;D So here it is...the coloring is definitely her and the patch will be on the same eye so it'll do. I'll put her name and dates on it and figure out some way to mount it so that we can include the clay cast of her pawprint. I'll worry about that later, as Scarlett would say.